My name is Alexus, but people call me lexxuss. I am a very smart, energentic, and creative person who loves to take a risk every now and again. I am very outspoken, but only if I’m comfortable around you. It usually takes awhile for me to get comfortable around someone though. However, my hobbies include reading, listening to music and shopping. While I’m shopping, I like to keep in mind that money can not buy you happiness. Money can however, control your life and emotions. Spending too much money can control your mind set and well-being. I prefer not to have that happen to me.

My goals for this course include obtaining more knowledge than last year. During my junior year, I participated in AP Chemistry, AP Language and Composition, AP US History. While enrolled in these courses, I learned that you can not procrastinate or waste time doing nothing. You have to give one-hundred percent in everyhting you do. These classes did teach me new material I’ve never heard of or thought existe, but these classes did challenge my intellect and made me think outside the box. Also, I don’t want to worry about my grade; I want my senior year to fly by. I look forward to coming to class and having a intelligent conversation with my fellow peers.

Toni Morrison’s Sula

Toni Morrison novel Sula was very intriguing to me. It contained several examples of paradox. For instance, most people suggested that main protagonist┬áSula was evil, but it was not confirmed until rumors started about her sleeping with white men. It was never proven, but the very fact it was said made all the difference. Also, when she strolled by Mr. Finley and he choked on a chicken bone made her seem even more evil. She could cause trouble just by glancing at you. Morrison’s work is organized beacuse Morrison even says the “I don’t want to give my readers something to swallow. I want to give them something to feel and think about. . .” (421)

When Morrison ended the book I had to stop and actually think about what just hapened; Sula’s death was so unexpected and heartbreaking. “She sensed that there was not going to be any pain. Her body did not need oxygen. She was dead. ” (149) From this textual evidence, Morrison is describing how painless and easy death and came to her. The primary purpose of this work is to give the reader an insight on how difficult it is to be a black woman in the 1930’s.